Yes this mistress is married and cheats on a daily basis with MS. Hell I spend almost everyday like Beyonce and Jay-Z…Drunk in love. I be all night…well up all night because my lover refuses to let me sleep, except for the times when he puts me to sleep so well I can barely get outta bed. This relationship started in 2010 when I was struck with the grief of losing my mother to cancer. Don’t all salacious relationships begin from extreme emotional occurrences?  I walked into the hospital looking for relief from what I thought was a strained muscle and left 10 days later with a lover, of sorts. A couple months later I lost my father to heart failure, wrote a book called “Sins of Thy Mother” then left for Australia with Oprah. Yeah my lover and me kicked it with Oprah. But we’ll talk about that later. Everything else you will learn about me, my lover, and how I treat him will come in time. After all a really good Mistress knows how to keep your interest.


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