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Whet the democracy????

Whet the democracy????

The “Whet” is not a spelling error. This election cycle is filled with so much insanity that a Bish Whet is in order.


Let me just say that I love this little baby. He is just giving all the cuteness. Now about this train wreck of Whetmocracy. On the republican side we have narrowed it down from umpteen million candidates by giving the stage to the most vile, racist, sexist, showman I have seen in a political run for the presidency in my lifetime. We have allowed the things that are really plaguing this country to be upstaged by a baddest man hit my hand contest and it is reprehensible. I want to say America is better than this, but is it really? A country as rich as this and before the Affordable Care Act I couldn’t get insurance to help cover my medical expenses. This country which has sent men to the moon, couldn’t figure out a way to ensure all of its citizens had access to healthcare? Well anyway back to Ringling Brothers and the circus that should have never been.

Y’all look I don’t care who anyone votes for, but I do expect folks to make their decisions based on something other that jibber jabber my hands are small but my penis is bigger than yours there will be a wall and mass deportations and ion know how imma pay for it, well Mexicocalifragilisticexpiallidocious it will be great and you’re a loser. I thought a spoon full of sugar helped the bullshit go down. Ain’t nothing sweet about any of this…wait that was medicine. Mary Poppins would never say bullshit.


I can’t even have my kids watch these debates. They are so interested in this process and I want them to see the debates on both sides. So far they have seen the Democrat side… There are grown men who want to lead a nation basically trying to out bully one another. Really? I mean just a few years ago we had grown men  who debated about their political and policy differences on how to lead this country and what they stood for morally. We had huge rallies where all were accepted and allowed to listen to what any candidate had to say even if they disagreed and hollered out that disagreement. The presidential candidates would respond with how they would address whatever problem was shouted out or they would ignore the outburst and continue with their stump speech. Why? Because the men of the past elections recognized that this is indeed a country that allows its citizens to check them when they are vying to represent them. They however never allowed for or commanded other citizens to harm anyone because of differences. As a matter of fact I would bet that, Republican or Democrat, none of our former candidates would have allowed for anyone to be attacked on their watch, at their rally, on their command. As potential leaders of this country they understood that they are to set examples for what is and is not acceptable. They were going to disagree without being disagreeable.

These are all the the people who were in the running to be leader of the free world


Somewhere along the way we got so sick of the establishment and status quo so  we decided we would go with loud, disrespectful, racist, sexist, and just 50 shades of orange and wrong. I don’t want anyone representing this country who is not compassionate enough to ensure that he or she will know they are running this country appropriately by what he or she does for the least of us. In order to do that, he or she has to be willing to listen to the woes and sorrows of the disenfranchised. What does “Make America great again” really mean for the candidate who loves to shout it? When was America not great for the white, male, and rich?

Welp this heah post had not a thing to do with MS…or did it? Our lives are so much more than our MS. But having MS does have us look at the world a little different. I think more about health legislation. I think more about MS patients who are homeless. I think more about caregivers. I think more about people who really feel like they have no voice, no support and who feel they are as invisible as our disease is. I want a leader who accepts, fights for, and speaks for us all. In my opinion, if you do this for the least of us you will do this for all of us.