Hostage released



Long hiatus huhn? I was being held hostage by my lover. Well not just my lover, but my life with my lover. I think I just got tired of talking about him. It seemed he had just taken over my life in every way. If I wasn’t protecting myself from him, I was talking or writing about him. I’m sure you can all relate. So I took a little bit to just go about my business. Now I was still protecting myself from him, but I wasn’t waking up thinking about what activities he would allow me to do or not to do. You know how it goes. You open your eyes and the first thing you assess is what’s your pain like. Fatigue? New symptoms? Although I still did these things (Because what’s stalking lover if he doesn’t make you think about him constantly) I spent very little time talking about him. Then today I sat in a hospital room with a friend as she received her treatment for Sickle Cell. I realized us sharing our stories with each other gave us strength. The strength to fight another day. I remembered that this is the very reason I started this blog. I wanted to reach out to someone who may be in the battle of their lives and need to know someone out there understood. Oh the time I took off has been full of stuff that I just must share with you. Like how I sat in 97 degree heat cheering for my baby as she made the Allstar team for the first time. How I lost a friend to cancer and it blind sided me so much that I still haven’t recovered. How a woman I went to elementary school with asked me to speak to inspire women and another friend I went to High School with gave me the gift of understanding as she spoke about her journey as a caregiver. Oh my lover has been busy. He didn’t just go away because I stopped talking about him. I did realize that talking about him is exactly what I needed to do. So, here I am. Back at it. I have been released from my “No talking about MS” hiatus. I’m BAAAAAACKKKKK!!!


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  1. Just checked back in. Yes, I’m still on it. My neurologist says she may take me off it in about a year, depending on how I’m doing. I have not had any relapse since my original, two years ago. She thinks that at my age, 63, I might be okay. I’m not sure if I will go off it or not when that time comes. I still occasionally get flushing, but it goes away quickly. I still have leg numbness and balance issues. I do walk without a cane or Walker.

    • Hi Linda!!! I’m so sorry for the late response. Seems my kids’ lives take all my spoons for the day. I still get flushing as well every now and then. I’m about to do a post on my latest results after being on Tecfidera a year.

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